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Anglo-Saxon Churches in England.

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Useful links.
The Society for Church Archaeology.
Medieval Wall Painting in the English Parish Church.
The Ecclesiological Society (the successor to the Cambridge Camden Society).
Drawings of Deerhurst and Brixworth churches in Anglo-Saxon times (by Maggie Kneen).
Read about Anglo-Saxon resistance after 1066.
Sussex Parish Churches.
Watch the Time Team episode where an important Anglo-Saxon cemetary was excavated at Breamore (pronounced "Bremmer") in Hampshire, on the banks of the river Avon; click on
New links 2015/16.
A colleague found this PhD thesis on Anglo Saxon churches and secular buildings (it's a large pdf file, 50 Mb). The subject matter is - Buildings of Secular and Religious Lordship: Anglo-Saxon Tower-nave Churches, by Michael George Shapland. Click here

The Old English "Student's Dictionary" by Henry Sweet is an invaluable addition to ones library. It only offers translations from Old English to modern English however. But this link will take you to a list of available translation sites including Sweet's. Click here. An alternative is to "Old English Translator" Click here.

Click here for main menu (including photo pages of individual selected churches).
Click here, over 400 Saxon churches listed!
- a downloadable table (unique to this site) which gives information of the known churches in England exhibiting Saxon features and fabric (and with details of those features), a comprehensive listing noted by place name, county, and grid reference; wholly based on H.Taylor's three sterling volumes, "Anglo-Saxon Architecture".

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