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Anglo-Saxon churches, a general introduction, observations on walling, pilasters, etc. Individual churches discussed.

Anglo-Saxon peoples, The

Roman stonework and its reuse.

Files on other churches.

Leicester, church of St. Nicholas

Milborne Port church, Somerset

Sherborne Abbey Church, Dorset (U)

Wareham, Dorset, Lady St Mary church

Wareham church of St. Mary, drawing by Hutchins

More pages (see also 'photo pages' for other files on church buildings, with explanatory text).

St Augustine & Early Churches

Syrians, The. & Kentish churches

Drawings of quoin types with explanatory text (U )

Oxford, tower of St. George (Oxford castle)

Dates of founding of the larger churches

Over 400 Saxon churches listed - a downloadable table/database based on H.Taylor's three sterling volumes, "Anglo-Saxon Architecture" (file Microsoft Excel). (U)

Further reading; also links to useful web sites & publications.

John Buckler (the Buckler family).

Jumieges Abbey, France

Saxon Church of St. Laurence Bradford-on-Avon; A History and Description by Canon W H Jones 1907.

E.M.Jope; The Saxon Building-Stone Industry In Southern and Midland England.

Jennifer Alexander; The Introduction and Use of Masons marks in Romanesque Buildings in England. NEW

H.M.Taylor; about the author of "Anglo-Saxon Architecture".

Shapland; Papers by Michael Shapland upon Tower-naves.

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background photograph - Anglo-Saxon tower arch at the church of St. Andrew, Brigstock, Northants.
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