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Anglo-Saxon churches in England.

ascGeneral index

Photo files with accompanying text.

Avebury church, Wiltshire (U)

Bakewell, Derbyshire, carved stones at.

Barton-on-Humber church, Lincs # (U)

Boarhunt church, Hampshire

Bosham church, West Sussex

Bradford on Avon, Wilts # (U 2015)

Bradwell-on-Sea, St.Peter-on-the-Wall, Essex #

Breamore church, Hampshire (including rood) (U)

Britford church, Wiltshire (U)

Brixworth church, Northants #

Canterbury, Abbey of St. Augustine R # (U)

Canterbury, church of St. Martin #

Clayton church, W.Sussex

Corhampton church, Hampshire

Deerhurst church, Gloucestershire (also Odda's Chapel) # (U)

Earls Barton church, Northamptonshire # (U)

Elmham cathedral, Norfolk R (U)

Escomb church, Co. Durham #

Greensted (timber) church, Essex #

Hadstock church, Essex #

Headbourne Worthy church, Hampshire (including rood)

Ickleton church, Cambridgeshire

Jarrow Monastery, Co. Durham #

Laughton-en-le-Morthen church, Yorkshire

Lydd, Kent #

Milborne Port church, Somerset #(U)

Netheravon church, Wilts (U)

Norton church, Co. Durham #

Reculver church, Kent R (U)

Reed church, Hertfordshire

Repton church, Derbyshire #

Selham church, W.Sussex

Sherborne Abbey, Dorset (U)

Sherborne Abbey (2), Dorset (2020)

Stoughton church, W.Sussex (U)

Stow-in-Lindsey Minster, Lincs # (U)

Sompting church, W.Sussex # (U2015)

Trowbridge church, Wilts R (site excavated)

Warblington church, Hampshire

Wimborne Minster, Dorset (U )

Wing church, Buckinghamshire #

Worth church, W.Sussex #

Other photos/pages

Bewcastle Standing Cross, Cumbria

Crypts (Wilfred's), at Hexham & Ripon #

Jumieges Abbey, France.

Roods & sculpture

Rougemont Castle, Exeter

Tower of St. George, Oxford castle NEW


Towers 1 (U)

Towers 2 NEW

Wells cathedral, font NEW

Various detail, chancel arches, doorways etc. (U)

Windows & belfry openings (U 2015)

Line drawings etc.

Brigstock church, tower archway

Quoin types with explanatory text (U)

(#). Denotes larger buildings and/or fabric of outstanding interest/great antiquity.
R. Denotes ruined, or remains existing.
(U). Updated files.
NEW. New pages created within the past year.

Note that other churches, not having their own dedicated file (such as Great Paxton), may be found by referring to general index.

The photo pages above are created as pdf files (and are being added to as an ongoing project). Where files have been updated or added to they will be noted after the description.
To view the pdf files on this site you will need Adobe reader. If you do not have this then click on the following link (note that you will exit this site).

For the photographers amongst you, prior to July 2009 almost all pictures were taken using a Sony A100 digital camera. Lenses used were -Sony 18-70mm lens; Sigma 70-300mm lens. After that date the camera used was a Nikon D90 (usually with a 18-105mm lens). Pictures so taken are identified at the foot of relevant file with the word "Nikon". After autumn 2015 a Nikon D7200 camera was used.

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Over 400 Saxon churches listed!
- an invaluable listing, a downloadable table (unique to this site) which gives information of the known churches in England exhibiting Saxon features and fabric (and with details of those features), a comprehensive listing noted by place name, county, and grid reference; wholly based on H.Taylor's three sterling volumes, "Anglo-Saxon Architecture": in Microsoft Excel.

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